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Episode 12

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Maruf Yusupov

I help people discover their purpose in life and follow their passion to live in prosperity.

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 Life and How to Win

Life is an infinite game where you win by helping other win.

–Maruf Yusupov

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Muslims On Fire


Ali Huda

Interview transcript

Ali: Assalamualaikum, brother. This is Baba Ali. Welcome to Muslims On Fire. Now. You’re probably wondering where’s Maruf? Because that’s the host of the show. Well today. We are going to flip the script. We are going to turn the tables and have Maruf as the guest. So welcome, Maruf. So welcome to your show, Muslims On Fire.

Maruf: That’s a bit weird, isn’t it? To be on the other side.

Ali: Yeah. And I can see how all of us, guests have felt on the other side. But today we are going to be asking you those interesting questions. To learn about you. 

Maruf: Let’s do it.

Ali: So, in my language Maruf means popular or famous and in your language is same as well? 

Maruf: You know, I think it’s originally Arabic. So it’s also in the Quran as well. I think it means well-known. Popular is also something good,right? Almost inside says they call people to good and you know that I think that the one the Munkar, you know people avoid Munkar which is not good, I guessed that.

Ali: Yeah, and It fits as your name. Because a lot of people know who you are. Mashallah, we’re going to get into it in a few minutes, but you have to work on many different projects. So you get a chance to know a lot of different people and especially with your latest project the podcast, Muslims on fire. 

You’ve had the opportunity to interview a lot of different people. But before we get to all of that, let’s talk about you as your childhood, as you’re growing up. Tell us what it was like to be little Maduf before you were big Maruf. Tell us what your childhoods like.

Maruf: I was born in Uzbekistan. People usually confuse it with Pakistan, right? You know, it’s another country. Actually, it’s in Central Asia. So that’s the first confusion I guess and actually I was born in a southern part closer Afghanistan like it was a small city called Qarshi.

It’s also another Arabic name anyway. So yeah, I was born Qarshi early 80s. And so one of the things I remember in my childhood that I was raised by a single parent in this case my mom and some things, you know, when you were a kid, you don’t know much. 

You think life is it how we learn. I mean, I didn’t know much what I mean – like did you even have his high standards, right? From that poor family, if you find, you know bread we ate. If not, then which were grateful. But one thing I know we were very poor. 

I guess we were all growing up and especially if you were a single parent in space-time. I always kind of felt that I was a bit different not in a way bad or good. But I was just felt that compared to my friends that they got father and mother but my case for just another.

So early on I just said this noticed, you know, it was a sting difference in my childhood. I think literally the year I was growing up. It would what I think I understood that okay, if I found or wanted to get stuff the other your father, right? But in my case, I didn’t have a father. 
So I need to get it on my own. So that was the first lessons in life. Yes.

Ali: So how did that experience change your personality or higher your character? How you do things? 

Maruf: So look, I remember for example, and when I think the first one to say I think it was about 7 years old. That’s what I want to Charcoal or something, but I couldn’t afford it. We were poor, right? 

I’m glad for my mom and she would do her best, but that wasn’t carrying against enough. So one of the things that I was just thinking, you know, like these days we use the word entrepreneur like that, you know, buzz words, but in my case, I thought it was my first attempt to be an entrepreneur, but I would. 

Just for me it wasn’t because I wanted to be cool. But I just had to if I guess what I was thinking, how could I get what I want one thing, you know, we would live very in it all part of the transfer old town. 

And one of the things I needed to do and we came up with how could I get more money to get what I want. And so the first thing I did was that.

Ali: Yeah!

Maruf: So, I remember I wanted to bazar, you know, what will say wholesale stuff and one thing I really liked. 

My friends liked balloons. I somehow I scrapped the like one some it was our currency and but this whole bunch of balloons and I brought it to just in front of my door and I hate there was a gas tube. I guess, you know as I hang it on it and then they could sell the balloons to my friends.

Once and I would sell it because I was making such if I could sell it for each of the world one since it was like a hundred X, you know, and that’s why I would serve them, make them happy, you know get to eat what I wanted and also provide for my family. 

Ali: Well, you quickly became a balloon guy.

Maruf: Yeah, I became a balloon guy. Go ahead.

Ali: Since then, obviously as many people of our guests are listening to right now listeners are listening right now you moved over to so many different opportunities and businesses tell us how that occurred.

Maruf: So as it is a good question. Let me tell you this it was this that run six, seven years old, right? One of the things I understood I guess. Look, I was living this all part of the poor town. All family were poor as I said to you that I understood if I really wanted to do something.

I could do on my own. Once I quickly understood if I wanted to change the situation I was in. I really studied hard at school. You know really be good. So hopefully I can get a better job and I would provide for my family so that was kind of motivation and I really loved school. 

And so the reason, I’m going to be slow with this one is I just wanted to understand you know it. Because it never occurred to me to be honest at that time. I wanted to be a businessman entrepreneur, but for me, I was like, I wanted to get a better life. 

I think everybody wants that, right? And at one point so that’s all I was trying here. And so, many things were going fine in school. I think when I was seven, eighth grade, I was studying. So glad that actually made me jump to another class, upper class. 

You know, so twice and I wasn’t a very fast route to finish school like two, three years earlier, but you know, I remember one summer when I was seven or eight grade one thing happened. So I figured out there was a school there was a new school opening up in my city and but this school was different, right? 

They were like a boarding school and I think it was the time Church took his high school and do a Michelle undertook teachers were coming and teaching us English and other languages in a very intensive mode. 

So the good thing was that it was free to interpret that you had to be really pass exam when their pass. I have this kind of chance like look if I want to go to my normal school, right? I could finish up into three years earlier when I went to university. On the other hand, if I wanted to go to school, I would lose all this progress. 

But once I went to school. I saw it was a different type of school. I was a different type of features and it would be different types of people, you know, if I just got a normal girl with a normal school for example, an example who would learn english, right? 

So that the teachers, they tried their best, but all I remember from that school was all about english. It was like table, girl,apple, you know the things, right? For example a few hours or a week. But this school the first year like 20 or 25  hours I can remember is tentatively for the first year to adjust learn, mainly English. 

And of course there were some other subjects such as you can see the difference, right? And there were the people, the teacher in your blood and they had the difference, you know, the books, you have the audio tapes everything, you know, so what was the first thing, I was supposed to take a recess that you know what that’s okay. 

I was going to lose maybe two or three years. Yes, but I would gain. I believe I get a lot and that’s why changed the school and I had never heard it was one of the best decisions. I made not only the best teachers but we also met with best friends.

And you know, most of the friends that we were still friends with one of the keep my classmates are going to now and some of them were I even do business. So another lesson is that I thinkI learned is that. 

It’s not only by what you learn you’re supposed to whom you are around. Environment right makes a huge difference and it was a huge blessing. So after that I went to university to study and as I said, I always say to the best. 

So I went to the best university. At the time it was the world economy in diplomacy and I studied. I started studying to the economy and I just find to dry Twitter ethical, you know, not much practical and then I understood that what most popular doesn’t mean it’s for you, you know babies for people.

But I was around 18 or 19 years old by then. So here’s another part. Here’s another good story like when I was studying, right? So I keep the Tuscan right. I moved to the capital of Uzbekistan. But then of course my mom couldn’t provide for me. 

Then I had to come another and I had  to use my creativity and how I could provide myself. So what were things that we did. I was introduced to computers when I was 18 SSL 1819. I really loved them. You know, people would go to the studies. I would just stay the night and I would try to understand the computer. 

I would go to all the help, all the news and what it did and it was really amazing. Think of the time we start for a business, but one of my friends building computers, you know, we would build computers for other people. 

I would earn money and that’s how we first learned our first computer and on the computer. I would say the smaller obviously with their dormitory and we would actually print out things for the students and they would pay us money.

In this way I could provide for myself. So that was the way and that’s why I was involved in the computers and also I was learning intensively. I mean, so I understood that if I really love them. There was something that I wanted to do. You know that time, IT was very huge and so what you really want to learn and I think that’s when I said that I wanted to more inclined to visual part of it like design part.

I really wanted to go to the US and come to you hopefully. But I didn’t have money, you know, the university caused the money. Yeah, you got to buy tickets. I didn’t have anything at all. But I probably let you know. 

It was a fate that one of my friends said, you know Maruf what if you always wanted to go bright and to check this out and then that time Danish government coming and giving grants. So all we had to just talk to them in english and explain why you want to study computers or whatever they were studying multimeter.

I went to them and we talked and decided to decide that’s cool. Okay, you got it. Here’s a grand but you have to buy your own ticket. I said I didn’t have that money, of course, right? So if I think the time for $100,000. 

So, I had to work I brought the University and I went to work as a translator for two, three months at least to just earned this money. So I came to Denmark in like 6 years ago. So when I came all I had in my pocket like seven dollars 50 croners. Anything else that’s crazy. 

Ali: But, Maruf, I don’t mean to interrupt you. But one thing I’ve noticed with your story so far is that every single time you’ve been put into the corner where you have to make something out of nothing you have. 

So, your situation where your mother is just raising you by yourself in the father is not in the picture. You had to make it work and then in the next phase of your school, you could jump ahead but you decided to go into other school even though some more difficult route and you had to make it work.

And now this part of storage for mentioning that hey I had to get from Uzbekistan to Europe. I have to make it work. Like I have to go get some work money to bigger my own ticket, which is really inspiring for all the listeners who are listening, you know oftentimes we get put into a corner and you think to yourself. 

Okay, there’s nothing I can do, I give up and just hopefully this story that you’re listening to right now shows you that you don’t give up you not to end a lot of Montage watching everything and everything’s a test. And it’s just very inspired.

Maruf: Thank you. So, I came to Denmark with 7 dollars in my pocket. Nothing else. The people this year had support enough. So help me, you know borrow some money the beginning so I started my career. I would be like studying also, you know again, I had to provide for his last start working right away.

I started as a bad paper delivery boy how many there were. So earn some money and all the first thing I bought also was your computer center and one thing, you know, so after the school I studied working. Precisely this is where we’re coming back to your question.

So I would work. But somehow I didn’t find it fulfilling. You know, I would love them as jobs. I was working in corporate do they were playing well, but after a while like I wasn’t growing, you know what I mean, right? 

I guess I’ll get you understand most of people. Yeah, so there was something missing in my life. At the same time in the background, I was also kind of soul-searching like look I came 2003 just after two years like 9/11, you know what happened there.

You know, I know the Uzbekistan and one of the things people probably didn’t know. We were a former Soviet Union country. Even though we had great callers like Abu Hari a lot of like him. This last century we lost our legacy, we were kind of cut off from the roots of Islam. 

Unfortunately, we didn’t have much understanding. Now I think things are going back. So for me,  Even though if I came from is based on if you call me if I’m some like yeah, I’m Muslim.

I understand but I didn’t know much, right? So, I came to Denmark. There was from country you’re alone. Biggest begin to question, you know, who am I? What am I doing? What I’m doing, especially on TV take a big burden people. 

You know people that were trying to blow up things to say. Wait a second. This was other Muslims that it didn’t make sense to me, you know, so I began to understand what it was. But to be honest, I thought I knew what the sun was because I thought that’s what you know systems are in Uzbekistan.

And I think to myself much far from it. That’s why I didn’t want to look at this time. I just like actually first think I started doing the science, you know, I tried to understand what until you go out of the bank and there’s nothing, you know, you just get stuck there.

And then I will begin to some other religions like Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism. But I thiught the all errors I wanted to do not go deep under the time pointing back to Islam. And this was the first time that I was trying to take the Quran and I was trying to read it in English with understanding. 

And of course the loss of some muscle other some shakes. On YouTube and other places you see and influences your thing. You know, maybe I misunderstood Islam. That’s why I think anybody was a practicing Muslim even in new Muslim either video. We discussed either they discovered slump like if they were not Muslim.

But even they were Muslim born from they had to be discovered. You know, you just don’t get Islam by just being born into it. But yeah, exactly but for me, it was rediscovering and so we were coming to the point was that on one side and his corporate job. 

It was paying well fulfilling. On the other hand, I had a different edge. You know, I was trying to find understand who I was. But all the pieces coming together that one of the things I did that what I really understood just changed. 

My whole life was that really understood I believe understood that the Calima three of shahada, right? But when we say La Ilaha Illallah Muhammadur Rah Surullah. So I mean,  if you look at the first part there is no God, except God and I understood of course, it was a big star like okay, there’s no God. 

It’s a lot they say, yes, I believe this and that’s right. I’m cool. But yeah, but it seems that it’s much deeper, right? It’s much harder to not only understanding. Understanding is the easy part but I think that the most difficult part is like what do I do about it? 

Which is like make sure the way I discovered was I think. She had a family member. He was one was explaining. Look, this is what it really means is that in the center of your life, right? Just God is Allah. Nothing else. Not fame. Not money. Not your ego nothing, but what? 

You are saying by this. You are putting in the center of your life. Two of the lock to please the oldest ones. Allah and you would. I did that by following the you know examples of the prophets in our case. The problems has a solid and that is totally changed the whole point of view, right? 

At least for me, it would just change the way I saw it, the world. So I think I had to make a change. So even one way, I would just go back to my job. I just kept working, right which wasn’t fulfilling or I had to make a drastic change. So one of the things I do to that was okay. 

I was going to do that change. So it was another coincidence as I said. I had a friend was a time from the school actually from the strictest school was a miserable. He was at the time 2013,  six years ago. Yes, right. So here you came from Sweden, right? 

He just finishes programming saying that I was working at different companies. I was in marketing and also design part and he was looking for a job and after Juma would sit down and say, okay. What should we do? He was looking for a job. I said look, bro. You’re my friend. I’ve been there we want to go. 

This is how you feel if you want to go there or jump ship and we start something new and said, you know what Norma trust you this is something together and that’s why we have we started our first business. And so, that’s the long answer, right? 

So it’s not because I want to be able to grow but I think by this event sequence of events, I think that’s where we came up with the first thing we did we did accomplices mention the wicked first status as a day. Usually we started this social network project a humbler. We’ve learned a lot, you know when you start a business. Sometimes it fails. Sometimes it’s success, but It feels you learn something. 

So, you can use this in the next event. So that’s what happened for example in and when I do a lot of things we need to learn. We did that and we use it in our next business for example, how lat we do is like we do marketing services to be little many Muslim companies and one of the things I didn’t make Dua is that 12 months.

Allah seems that I wanted to really serve them and you know, we also wanted to do make a difference. So I thought by how personally we were doing that. And friends and companies to get the word out, you know, it’s more efficient as possible. So that is explain what I tried to say. 

Ali: Yeah, it is so interesting because it just shows that everyone has different paths to the game from point A to point B. And your path was making left turns and right turns, you know, even as on the business side of it.

A lot of people think that oh this person is successful or has a really good business or if they don’t understand like how many hills they had to climb, how many mountains they had to climb to get to that in just because you fall. Doesn’t mean that oh, you’re not a good business person. 

It means that you’re learning every single person who is successful. You can probably ask him how many businesses failed before they got to a success business. 

Maruf: Absolutely. Yeah. I mean, this is exactly this is exactly why I mean the more I talk to people like yourself to other entrepreneurs we understand that, right? 

But it’s Untold because look at the media and say hey describe it. It looked as if it looks like all that success, but it’s never the case. No, and that’s why we Like reading the podcasts and say hey, this is a big story which you might not hurt. Yes. It’s so hot. You understand the full picture to take a particular action. 

You know what the word is one more insight, I learned along the way to buy talking people like yourself and from my own experience is that you know, one thing we hypersaline two surfaces in this job, you know why we people don’t take action? 

Because you’re afraid of failure right the afraid. Yeah, but look in life. That’s what I came to understand. Life is the big. Let’s put it as a game  breathless night, right? So what we’re doing is that we are afraid of failing. That don’t think only small steps at a time. 

But one of the things I understood like by reading Quran and Hadees that also in solid like we as humans, we think right I do two things good one thing bad two plus one is one. That’s why I go to Jamah, right? 

That’s why I used to think but correct me if I’m wrong, but I think I also asked to say sir. I think this one I understood. Actually, as humans, we are born in every second. We say things got us on solid wood. Not be able to thank him for the blessings he has given. Just agree. So hundred percent we deserve journal not because we are saying we are perfect for jannat. 

We are seeing things not because of that but because so much also solid. But also what are we trying for, right? Are we starting to the steep path that as Quran. We understand we are in perfect. We understand, we are going to face mistakes. But anyway, we stand up and we keep going towards Allah Salih Saleh as much as we can to our effort. I think this makes sense. 

Ali: It makes sense. You know one thing I’ll tell you listeners who are listening is that you know often times even with the business side of things. People really separate when it comes to like doing business and in doing things like right way, right? 

Because at the end is the business is not separated when it comes to our judgment on the day of judgment. I’ll also point out look how we did business to know. This is one thing is very important for us to remember that everything. We do not just a lot, not just fasting but everything we should do is we should do it based on what we learned through the prophets. 

Somehow he taught and this is like doing business barely, doing things if things are required good that comes out as I know something Muslims our own liquor stores and then they go and you know, just donate the money from the liquor store for the Masjid. 

And think that okay. I’m doing my part of it. It doesn’t work. That way. You have to make sure everything is done right with. You guys are doing businesses that have benefited the Oma and at the same time isn’t how our business of benefits you as well. Yeah. I think that’s a really big plus. 

I mean if you can do both things, that’s awesome. Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with the business doesn’t just say benefit the Oma like if you just work like as I counted for a company whatever. But if you are doing something that helps to over to it’s so much more fulfilling after  just a regular job. 

And we did that. Nothing happened. Yeah, but you’re changing lives. I mean so Mama, this is talk about some of the different projects you’ve worked on. Can you tell us like you guys were worked on?

Maruf: Sure so, you know, I love the ways. Yeah, I was there too. Also, we have three kids. So what are things with kid bothering it especially what my kids won’t like, you know on the unit, you know what I mean? 

Like your kids well, so that’s why I like thinking I should be years ago. One of the things we want to study is like what if you create an alternative platform for kids where they can watch cool videos were not only just take fun, but also learn.

You know, that’s why we launched the Ali huda by 2017, I guess so we are coming to and a half years. So that project has been another things kind of blessing for us. By that we are hoping to helping thousands of kids to watch, you know, not only let in the way it’s at the dollar as well like me teaching the kids down.

They runway not like the boring way, but we’re also picking the fun and that business to be honest with you and now I can look like see in business sometimes in our case. We have been naive that jumping ahead and it’s like this. Something we got to do but sometimes it’s good sometimes bad. 

The good thing is I guess I can look like If you were always looking that all the options would have never done it. Because now I can see is so huge because of you. 

Ali: I’m laughing because what I thought of that on many projects I like. If I knew how much work it is and how much headache some of my customers could be that the customers like as far as it’s like dealing with customer service issues dealing with issues. You know this if I do this much, maybe I’ll frame not got this past week.

Maruf: Exactly.Yeah, I mean But even one can I get it? One child about hundred attend even one child end up benefiting from this, right? Yeah, that’s already fulfilled its purpose and this is the way we should look at it when we shouldn’t look at it like, oh I will keep beating the truck. 

That’s not the point. The point is what kind of change are we making one of doesn’t really make sense. At the same time as we said it always no matter what we just keep going because we are those just doing it for the sake of money, right? So, we learned quite a lot. And doing by doing different types of business. 

We are learning with so keep burning and you know. In lesson, I learned in life is that life is kind of infinite game, you know, they’re fighting games like chess. Someone has to win or soccer and an infant games. I think I recently whether the book. 

So infinite game is that game that it’s not a zero-sum game. You can play, you can win another, other people can win as well in life. Somehow some business, look at the my various environmental mine. You say I’m gonna win everybody has to lose and I am the winner. So anything we do, right? 

We say like You know, the Quran is always keep saying that we have to help the needy, we have to help the orphans. So what we always keep as being asked as we have to elevate people, right? So when we interview people, they have to keep on doing. 

So we can win and other people can win actually if we help other people when we will definitely win. 

Ali: Some look for the actually helps you as well.

Maruf: Exactly.

Ali: It helps you as well. 

Maruf: That’s just giving to the next level. I mean, that’s the density. And I really learned in business or anything and that doesn’t need to be always about you just have to wear my swimming but world is abundant. 

You know, it’s not limited, it’s abundant. It’s enough for everybody. It doesn’t have to be just for me or for my family, right? 

Ali: Yes, SubahanAllah!  It would never even help somebody. Sometimes we see if you’re working how can I benefit from this? 

But if you really do for the sake of Allah, Allah will come out of it at the very least you get reward out of it. 

Maruf: Absolutely.

Ali: On top of that there may be a stop to this. 

That comes back like let’s say you really help somebody out that either we’re looking. 

Thinking return months down a year downline that the same person remembers that wants to start a business involved. The people they trust is you. You are the one person that was able to help me without even asking for something in return so I know your character, I know your personality. 

And I know, if I get in business with you, you’re not a person takes advantage of people because you could have taken advantage of the situation. But you weren’t even looking for something in return. So it shows a person’s character, shows a person’s personality.

And I think it’s something I wish you disown my had a little bit more. Because I think we could really grow as an Oma and do amazing things. I know there’s a lot of talented people in the summer like yourself. And if a lot of Muslims can get together that are talented of some amazing things can be accomplished with it. 

Maruf: Absolutely, but I think you see one of the things, I was interviewing this brothers way. He’s a shay from South Africa. I was asking you the same question. What do you think about that? Because he was saying or some people are even still in his books, right? 

He said don’t worry. I cannot exactly what he does what he said look, you know, we’ve been we’ve been traumatized and all the stuff. So let’s look at two dots looks like I think it just takes time. It just takes a lot of patience, but we’ll get there. 

Because we are playing the long term game, right? Maybe it will not change in our life a little it’s not in five years, but eventually someone has to step up. People like yourself, right? People like us, do things like this. Being the example and shall not more people will follow that. 

And in the long run people will disappoint us. That’s okay, you know, it’s a part of life and we have to be forgiving and we have to be open-minded because that’s what you are  saying. 

Ali: What is the purpose or some set is always good in the summer?There’s always good people dissomaster past, we don’t listen. We have these negative experiences and we want to like with a very broad brush. We want to say all Muslims are all bad. It’s not true. 

No, we can’t just like we can’t tell the novel seems to say hey don’t judge all the actions of Muslims by by a few people who are misguided. We can’t judge all Muslims by being bad. Because we may have had some negative experiences with certain Muslim.

you know, I mean, Sure. So Masha Allah you’ve worked on all these different projects in the latest one has been the Muslims on fire tells how that’s been going for you.

The park is how many times we talk with him remember, right? And I will also part of the business. 

That’s another good thing. I have been a part of businesses that I told you. The people surround you that makes a huge difference. So we have it away survey work with other Muslim organizations, and I get to talk with entrepreneurs and I would choose the leaders. 

And I would get them on a call, on a weekly basis, but the different options and I would talk this heart-to-heart and all will be lost. You know, I would say wow, I would want to share and I said, you know, I don’t do this talk to them and get them sharing.

And this is how we started to bark is Alhamdillah, so far. It’s been accepted pretty well and where it’s I think we are already trending in some countries top tens of gotta stop. Hunters are coming up and I think that the numbers that’s fine. 

But it’s not the main point. The main point is that look, you know. I remember myself, my way come from and there are people on the fence, right? There are people right now. Maybe they’re stuck in their job be visited India looking for a purpose, right? 

Whatever who slams? I don’t know. So some of them say to me listen to your story. So other than is to my story, so let’s solve the guests. Are you saying that’s me, you know, that’s I think something like me, you know what I can do. 

And I want to do that. And maybe will spark that action. That’s the purpose, you know, if you do even for one Some job is done and that’s.

Ali: What has been interesting is like the different ways of communication that you’ve been using to get through to people like with the ads you using ads? Which is everyone in this world sees as left and right?

So that’s a very popular way of getting a message across and then with the kids videos for Ali Hooda using the power of the video of the camera to get the message across because you know visually how much of our kids are watching things. And I’m not sure lobe for those who are not  CEO usually people open adult age or more. 

Listen to the Castle audio you’re again reaching the new audience and getting a different message across, you know. You said capturing wisdom. Capturing valuable knowledge and information to pass across with the hopes that it will inspire somebody just like you were inspired by like talks of just about him.

When you were searching for a small because the technology and the tools we have right now is at our disposal and we live in a world where the Internet is just on our fingertips and the technology is really accessible with YouTube and everything else that we have two tools to learn all this stuff very easily without even having to go to school is there for those who wanted to.

I’m sure you’re a great inspiration for I’m hoping that many of the people who are listening right now and they’re on the fence. Starting something or they’re worried about failing as you said and or not succeeding what will people say, I mean before we let you go today. What advice do you have for those who are listening right now and we’re thinking about you know, they may be going through a challenging time. 

They may not have the easiest time just like yourself, you know, you didn’t grow up in the easy situation. So the person who’s young Maruf that’s listening right now. What message would you give him to hopefully motivate him, inspire him to go? 

Ali: Your motive because many people just like yourself short rows of entrepreneurial minded and sometimes they’re listening to these podcasts to get some a little bit of inspiration. So you can do something. 

And if you were listening and what advice would you give yourself if you can go back 10 years or 20 years ago and say something like what would you say to them to get them to do something that he may be hesitant around the fence of trying?

Maruf: Yeah. That’s a good question. So you see one of the lessons I said earlier I said that if I were to do something. Do on my own right. There was partly, right? Yeah party right. Part is that yes, you have to do it. Yes. Does it for you scrape, but if you want to get far ahead you have to do it together. 

That’s the key part, right? So in other African probably see it says it will go fast, go alone if you want to go further together. Because yes, I’ve heard that. One of the things I would say is look that’s good. You can do things on your own. 

But try to do things,the first thing. The second thing is if you want to do something really bit faster go and learn from the people. People who already did you know and surround yourself with no more people like-minded people.

And I think you know one of my dreams is that even a proper spot is that it is a podcast. I think I already mentioned to you and also talking to other people as well. One of my dreams is that podcast is fine, you know, it just inspiration, but sometimes people need more than just inspiration.

They need people like well hearted people, you know, and I think I believe, maybe I’m not sure when but one of my dreams is to go for that kind of hug for people. It wasn’t for everybody. But for people easily one of find a purpose in their life so they can join a mission with some of the companies or do you want to carry something on their own, right? 

I want yes, but I say that a lot of my dreams, I guess that we want to create that kind of hub for Mr. Boomer so we can generate more entrepreneurs, get more leaders didn’t work creators. And so they in turn they go and in turn inspire even more people.

I think this kind of shortcut to inspiring one by one to going to the interpreters, going to the greatest, going to the startups of the world. That accelerate the growth, you know, that’s our whales. It’s our way of looking at the world against that’s to such nonsense.

Ali: This one person that can probably pull that off this you because you have your to pull off so many different ideas and make them into reality.

Maruf: But again, it’s just one person, right? 

Ali: Of course everybody going. That’s what I meant. Not obviously about doing it by yourself. Yeah, and I’m hundred percent backing up what Maruf says exact same I agree 100%.

 The people you surround yourself with you really need to work as a group to get things done. If you do stuff by yourself, you can only go so far and you’re limiting yourself and your ceiling has to be low. Sometimes you have no choice, but when you do have a choice and you do have good people around you. 

you have to surround yourself with those people to get so soft further. So with all that wash your love we learned a lot about our host and we all of us guests have been sitting on the hot seat and today you send the hot seat. He did really really well. 

Maruf: Thank you.

Ali: The listeners who are listening hopefully the show this was motivating. Hopefully you got some inspiration. You got some nuggets of out of this talking. Thank you for listening. This is Ali signing off for Muslims all fire. Make sure to subscribe. 

Make sure you guys go tell your friends about this amazing podcast and helped us grow and show up because if we work together we can make some amazing things. Thank you very much brother and first coming onto your own show. And thank you for allowing me to host. 

Maruf: Thank you so much. Assalamuwalaikum!

Ali: Walaikumussalam!

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