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Maruf Yusupov

I help people discover their purpose in life and follow their passion to live in prosperity.

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Stories of Ordinary Muslims Doing Extraordinary Things

Hey Salam and Welcome to Muslims On Fire!

I am your host Maruf. Here is our story. What is this podcast about? Why are we doing this?

Muslims on Fire is about the Stories of Ordinary Muslims Doing Extraordinary Things.

I am a serial entrepreneur. At one of my companies – Halal.Ad we help Muslim Entrepreneurs grow their business with marketing services. It is here, I talk to at least 1-2 Muslim entrepreneurs per week about their stories and business. I get to know them on a deep level.

Until now, I was the only one who was benefiting the most of these conversations. So I decided to share their stories with you and the world. It will NOT be a podcast only success stories, unicorns or rainbows

We will have a life changing conversations, their failures and the most difficult moments in life, how they cope with Dunya / Deen balance, how they found their purpose, meaning or calling in life.

These are the people I admire and I get inspired. I hope you will too.

Stay tuned.

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